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Anthony Wrather


Senior Software Engineer

Welcome to my online CV.

I am Tony and this is a bit about my commercial experience and personal interests.

About me.

Hello I am Tony Wrather and this is a bit about my commercial experience and personal interests.

I am a Senior Software Engineer with experience in a wide range of roles, technologies and methodologies. In my last role I was working with the Microsoft dev stack but the majority of my experience is with the Linux/Unix dev environments.

I am capable of building a PoC system and documenting a high level design to writing a test plan from the requirements and building a test rig to automatically execute it on. I am just as happy to follow the plan and implement/test the components/defects on the board or that are assigned to me.

My main attributes are an attention to detail, an ability to swap roles from analyst, dev, test to imps and an ability to be effective in formal and informal environments.

After finishing my last job I have spent some time focusing my skills in Full Stack and Mobile App development.

I started in hardware but quickly moved into software development. The roles I work vary from analysis and design through to development and test as either a team member or team leader.

My commercial experience ranges from Point of Sale/Central Systems (Widely distributed computing), Banking (High integrity), PLC Compiler/SCADA (Embedded software, Fully/Semi Autonomous behaviour), Air Traffic Control (Ethernet, C&C, Firmware, Data Simulation), Storage Area Network virtualisation (high throughput, high integrity), Event/Data logging, Security (Secure system design, reverse engineering malware, network capture/analysis) and Real Time Monitoring systems etc.

This has given me a unique view that covers everything from an appreciation of how hardware/firmware/configuration/software/communications combine to provide a working unit which provides a service or behaviour through to requirements analysis and high level system design.

During this time I have often worked from home and have wound up with my semi-automated home and test rig.